Privacy & Cookie Policy of B&B Le Vele

Hello, I am Alessandra Lamusta, owner and manager of B & B Le Vele. On this site, I collect some information on navigators. Below I’ll explain step by step and in an understandable language, what data I collect, how we collect, why I do it and how you can avoid it.In general, everything I do respect the law. Specifically:

Data collection: what, how, why and how can I avoid it?
On this site I collect data in two ways:

Contact Form cookie
Contact Form

In some pages there is a contact form through which you can send your requests.

Specifically, through this kind of form, I collect name and email: these data do not cherish them but use them only to contact you. Only if you book a room I put them in my personal address book in order to contact you in time if necessary. At any time, you can always ask me not to contact you again and then delete the data. Cookie

First of all, cookies are small files stored in your browser (the app you use to surf the Internet) that contain information such as a unique identifier, your location, … Each cookie has a deadline: some can last for years and years while others expire when you close your browser.

Cookies can be of three types:

Technical: Need to improve your experience on the site analytics: they serve to make me understand the things you value most profiling: serve to show you targeted ads based on the pages you see

Some cookies coming from this site to other external sites. Cookie technical

On this site use cookies for technical:

speed up the loading of pages manage Privacy & Cookie Policy

Both go to your advantage and then you should have no problems in this regard. If you do not want to be saved in your browser, do not navigate in this site. Cookie analytics

On this website use Google Analytics to collect information such as the pages you see, how long you stay on each page, which browser you use, … By analyzing this data, I can understand what you like and what does not, and so I can improve the site.

I set Analytics to collect data in aggregate or in the database is not saved your IP (is a code that identifies your computer on the Internet): in this way, the use of this type of cookie is your benefit; if you do not want to be saved in your browser, do not navigate in this site. Cookie profiling

On this site use cookies for profiling:

integrate social networks

Integrating social networks: in order to post on this site buttons to share on Facebook and Google+, Facebook’s comments and the box that recalls the Facebook page, I have to allow Facebook and Google to install cookies on your browser.

Facebook and Google use these cookies to show you targeted ads when browsing on their sites.

To enforce the law, it makes preventing these cookies (necessary as Facebook and Google install them just go to the website). Only after your consent, them active.

Alternatively, if you want to navigate this site without approving these cookies, use the incognito (you can find details about that further down on this page). In any case, you always have control

Finally, I’ll note that:

at any time you can delete cookies from your browser in some cases, you can navigate without cookies

At any time you can delete cookies from your browser

Below, you Linco guides that explain how to delete cookies from browsers used (attention: deleting cookies means also delete the data access to the sites you are subscribed to so be sure to remember them or have them written somewhere):

In some cases, you can navigate without cookies

Browsers most established, in recent versions, they give you the ability to browse in incognito: here an explanation from Google about what it means to navigate in this way and how.